ALBA’s goal is to prepare students for success in the rapidly changing world of the 21st century by motivating student to: reach their academic potential, being respectful of universal morals in a multinational environment, to become environmentally aware and forward thinkers and be resilient and passionate learners.

Why Choose ALBA ?

ALBA has defined itself as a school that cares deeply for its students and is committed to providing a caring and supportive learning environment. As educators, we have the responsibility to ensure that this and upcoming generation of children has the capacity to influence change in a meaningful and positive way, both in Myanmar as well as abroad. All of us at ALBA are committed to secure an outstanding future for the school and to continue building on our many strengths. We believe that every individual child is special and deserves an engaging and enjoyable school experience. We seek to find each child’s unique potential and nurture it. Good schools are built on the efforts of good people, and I believe that our teachers and students are among the very best.

Everyone here is very friendly, and very welcoming, and the school overall kind of has a systematic way of teaching and also handling students.

–  Sithu Tun Oo (ALBA Class of 2018)

Mission Statement

ALBA is a school that thrives for the development of the children. ALBA promotes learning through hands-on experience in all types of field thus understanding and respecting all cultures.

My time and experience at ALBA was quite fascinating, everyone I met along the way, was very nice to me, and very generous. Including the teachers, they were all very reliable and helpful throughout my years of study

–  Robinson (ALBA Class of 2021)


During their time at ALBA, students engage in multiple extra-curricular activities such as afterschool clubs, science fairs, literature fairs, community service projects, charitable donations, and learning excursions overnight trips. It is a great way for students to meet and work closely alongside students from classes other than their own.

I had the time of my life here. I have no regrets!

– Lin Thit Hein (ALBA Class of 2022)


Students are put in a positive learning environment here at ALBA. The teachers are able to micromanage due to our small classroom of 1:20. We can ensure that your children are taught in a clean and safe environment.

Primary School

No. 66, Shwedagon Pagoda Road, Dagon Township, Yangon
Ph: 01-256021, 01-376236, 01-384055

Secondary School

No. 19-B, Padonmar Street, Dagon Township, Yangon
Ph: 01-378885, 01-378886, 01-378887 (IGCSE)

01-382691, 01-382693, 09-778183338, 09-778183339 (Secondary)


No. 48, Nat Mauk Lane (1) Street, Bahan Township, Yangon
Ph: 01-548109, 09-444671278